Ways to Extend the Functionality of Your Online Store for Free

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Ways to Extend the Functionality of Your Online Store for Free

According to a survey by Alexa (an Amazon company), the biggest market share of ecommerce software is with Magento. And this is because it has gained a lot of popularity amongst ecommerce website owners and web designers for its flexibility, open architecture as well as the freedom of customization.

Magento extensions add a Midas touch to the ecommerce stores by enhancing their functionalities and giving them an advantage over their competitors. However, you possibly can’t keep buying different extensions for different functionalities as it can prove to be expensive. Instead, you can download some free extensions from the Magento Marketplace. So what different types of free extensions are available in the marketplace and how can they help you to extend the functionality of your store for free? Read ahead to know…

1. Undertake smooth site maintenance

It is very important to make enhancements and maintain your website from time to time. You also might have some technical issues that need your attention. But while your website is being maintained, what happens to your online visitors? How can you track the visitors and let them know that you will be back?

This can be done through a site maintenance extension which helps you to put the frontend of your store on maintenance from the backend. As soon as you install the extension, only admin can assess the site from the backend. You can also keep track of the visitors on your store through a log file and your system records their IP addresses so that you know where the traffic came from.

2. Offer newsletter subscription

You all must be aware that newsletters are an important marketing tool. It is a widely used method that helps customers to know more about the company’s products and services. If you want more newsletter subscribers, download a free Newsletter Subscription extension from the Magento marketplace. It comes with a free gift coupon pop up which helps you to provide special offers to your customers. For eg, If you want the customers to subscribe to your newsletter, you can offer a coupon worth $5 which motivates them to make a purchase and subscribe at the same time. Such extensions have a responsive design so they work on all kinds of devices ensuring that you don’t lose your customers. Ready to get more orders?

3. Make the most out of web-to-print tool

A free web-to-print tool can be a real treat for printers, copy shops, sign makers and ecommerce store owners who sell personalized gift items. Even if you have a small online printing software installed, it ensures that you undertake printing tasks without any hassles. You can decide the number of items you want to print, take care of the implementation, and deliver the orders on time.


The benefits of a web-to-print tool are not just confined to the print store owners. It enables the customers on your store to customize images, type and edit text, create a design and see a WYSIWYG preview of it. Thereafter, you can download a PDF version of the design and get it printed.

4. Pre-Schedule deliveries

Processing orders and making timely product deliveries is very important if you want to create a good impression of your brand. Things can get quite chaotic when the number of orders go up and you need to make all the deliveries on time. During such times, a delivery date extension can come of great help. It enables your customers to choose a date on which they want to receive their order delivery.


This Magento based extension also lets the admin decide the number of delivery date options he wants to provide to the customers and only those options are displayed for them on the front end. Preferred delivery date can be decided by the customers as and when they check out. If managing delivery dates is nightmarish for you, this is an extension you must download for free!

5. Optimize the images on your store

The quality of product images on your ecommerce store can make or break the impression of your brand. But it is also true that high quality images occupy a lot of space and reduce the loading speed of your website. Looking at the attention span of today’s customers, this can prove to be devastating for your business. So how do you overcome this horns of a dilemma situation? The solution is – a Magento based image optimization tool.

An image optimization tool helps you to reduce the file size of your images without compromising on its quality and helps you to increase the speed of your site. It is possible to optimize images of any format including JPG, PNG or GIF. It is easy to configure and use this extension. With the help of above mentioned extensions and many more, you can enhance different features as well as functionalities of your ecommerce store. But before downloading these Magento extensions, make sure that you read customer testimonials for each and ensure that they are bug free.

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