Take User Experience and Performance a Level Up with Magento 2

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  • January 24, 2017
  • By James Warner
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Take User Experience and Performance a Level Up with Magento 2

Evolution is not just limited to human survival, the need to evolve continuously is the key to flourishing. This need for non-stop updates is required in the technology domain as well. New technologies demand new functionalities, and successful solutions should be able to deliver what is needed in order to carve a niche for themselves. Magento thrives on this philosophy and with its latest updates has proved that it is here to stay.

The latest releases of Magento—Magento 2.1.3 and Magento 2.0.11 are focused on improving quality, user experience, and performance. Magento 2 has incorporated payment methods in collaboration with PayPal and its subsidiary Braintree. This article discusses how this affects the parameters.

User Experience

This is probably the most crucial factor that all ecommerce platforms are after. They just don’t want to compromise on the user experience because they understand how a good experience and ease of navigation can translate a visit into a sale.

The integration of new payment method affects user experience by:

  • Providing an additional method of payment.
  • Eliminating the need for customers to re-enter their details every time they use PayPal to pay.
  • Securing customer details with layered protection both from the ecommerce website and the payment partner.
  • Allowing unregistered customer to make purchases without going through the hassles of registration.

To make the most of the new enhancements, you might want to hire a professional who is proficient in Magento development India.


An ecommerce website that is not loading results faster is losing potential customers for every extra second that it takes. A website has to show relevant results within a stipulated time to retain customer interest. Apart from this, once the customer has made his or her selection, the checkout procedure has to be smooth and hassle-free.

The integration of new payment method and modifications in SQL media queries affect performance by:

  • Making use of Braintree benefits like data portability, uptime, data security, analysis tools, etc.
  • Boosting the performance of Storefront.
  • Increasing the speed of creating assets for enhanced performance.
  • Updating the processes involved in product management dealing with CSV files.
  • Processing faster refunds with the help of new application program interface (API).
  • Enabling global shipping options so that estimated shipping price can be added during checkout.

Magento development professionals can take the performance aspects of a website to a new level with their expertise.


In terms of quality, Magento lives up to the expectation of its users and has fixed many issues that displayed error in the previous versions. If it was not for the quality promised, Magento would not have reached the heights that it is at now. To improve the qualitative experience, some of the aspects where updates have been made are:

  • Configurable Products
  • Email Templates
  • Images
  • Indexing
  • Tier Pricing

Magento encourages users to share their experience and problems with magento developers so that issues and errors they encounter can be resolved in the latest releases. No matter how good testing is, the real test happens when a user tries a Software in real-world setting with real products and customers. It is impeccably hard to replicate that setting while testing a Software and therefore developers pay a lot of heed to what customers have to say. The essence is that customer feedback matters a lot.

For detailed information on the updates in Magento 2, refer to the release notes published by the developers. These would give you a detailed insight on the updates and the corresponding version. If you would like to share any feedback, please leave a comment below.

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