SiteGround – 2016 Client Survey Results Are Out!

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SiteGround – 2016 Client Survey Results Are Out!

At the end of 2016, We are sharing review/survey result from many hosting/development companies to help our readers to get an overview of various companies.

Lets take result from the survey taken by SiteGround Magento 2 hosting providing company.

Siteground Magento 2 Hosting

Crafted carefully for superior performance

SiteGround is the ideal hosting company if you don’t have the money to spend with all the expensive hosting providers. SiteGround provides unique Magento security and speed solutions at affordable price. SiteGround provide free Cloudflare CDN with Railgun to make both yours and your customers’ experience with Magento really fast and enjoyable.

Pricing is probably one of the biggest concerns for most website owners and businesses. All of SiteGround’s web and Magento hosting plans come at affordable prices. You can click here to checkout their hosting plans.

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“At the end of 2016 we ran our traditional client survey to take a snapshot of the current profile of our users and to measure their satisfaction levels with our service. When we received the first results we were quite excited, but at the same time we opened them with little fear. After all, we doubled our client base in 2016 and we were eager to see if we have managed to keep the high satisfaction rates of the previous years.”

Ref: SiteGround Blog

SiteGround - Best Magento 2 Hosting

Over 96% satisfaction rate with our hosting service

“We have four key indicators to measure the customer satisfaction with our hosting service. Customers have to rate our security, uptime, speed and support. The average of all indicators shows 96.8% satisfaction rate for 2016. We didn’t think it was possible to beat last year’s result (95%) but it happened!”

Ref: SiteGround Blog

SiteGround - Best Magento 2 Hosting

95% of customers consider SiteGround better than other providers

“We know that most of our customers (83%) have a previous, or even current, experience with other hosts. So we asked them to rate us against other hosts they’ve used. Their answers show that 95% of our customers have a better experience with us. Quite a compliment!”

Ref: SiteGround Blog

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