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Must have Magento 2 Extensions

Are you looking for the must have Magento 2 extensions used by store owners? Well, then you’re in the right place. In this article, our expert team has hand-picked the best Magento 2 extension for starting out a Magento 2 store. Most of the time you will run into an issue after a while which a module will fix for you.

Choosing the best extensions for your Magento 2 store will help make your to deliver a better experience for your users as well.

Can You Do Without Extensions?

Probably not, because extensions are the building blocks of your Magento 2 store. They bring in the important functionality to your Magento 2 store. In fact, the repository of Magento 2 extensions increasing day by day to make the new platform rich in a real sense.

Magento 2 Mega Menu PRO

Magento 2 Mega Menu extension help you to create dynamic navigation menu ever.

  • Fastest Load Time, Cache Supported
  • Drag & Drop Intuitive Interface
  • User-friendly Interface & Enhanced UX / UI
  • Fast Ajax Load & Live Preview
  • Skin Builder: Custom Design With Ease
  • 16 Premade Menus & Create Unlimited Menu Possibilities
  • One click to Import or Export Demo
  • 786 icons included by Font Awesome
  • Instant Import Store Categories
  • Horizontal and Vertical Structures
  • Built-in LESS Stylesheets
  • Show horizontal & vertical menu at the same time
  • Fully Compatible with Porto Theme & Ultimo Theme
  • Mobile Menu: Off Canvas Menu & Accordion Menu, Drilldown Menu
  • Widget Support or add code to file XML on any position
  • Multiple Animations Effects Supported
  • Place mega menu on any position
  • Compatible with Magento EE

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Page Builder Extension for Magento 2

  • Time & Money Saving
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Work with any Magento Themes
  • 50+ Widgets Supported
  • Responsive Design Options
  • Full amazing controls
  • Create Unlimited Layouts
  • Block Builder
  • Bootstrap Grid View System
  • Easy To extend with 3rd Party extensions
  • Cms Page Builder
  • CSS Skin Builder
  • Schedule Time To Display Your Page on Frontend
  • Enhance page load time incredibly
  • Live Preview For Easier Editing

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Form Builder for Magento 2

If you are looking for an easy to use tool like Google Form, our Magento 2 Form Builder is exactly what you need. The Form Builder comes with drag n drop feature and user friendly interface so that you can create any form such as magento 2 contact form in the most easy way.

  • Drag & Drop Custom Form
  • Visual Content Creator
  • Fully responsive and 100% AJAX based front-end design
  • Multiple Input Types and file type
  • Create Unlimited forms
  • Customizable form appearance
  • Design options: Background, Font, Icon, Border
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Add to Any Position
  • Customizable form appearance
  • Export Data To CSV
  • Multiple Input Types/ form field: Text, Paragraph, Checkbox, Multiple Choice, Date, Drop down, Time, Number, Website, Email, Price, Address, Rating, Google Map, Subscription, Dynamic Dropdown, File Upload, Section Break, etc.
  • Support 14 pre-made form templates
  • Add new option: Custom template
  • Easy to edit Before Form & After Form Content
  • Recaptcha Security, Spam Protection
  • Show Form In Any Position + Multiple Display Types
  • Customizable Layout with Bootstrap Grid
  • Ajax Effects When Submitting Form
  • Show Results With List
  • [New] field Custom Html

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Magento 2 Store Locator

LOF magento 2 store locator extension comes with advanced search criteria and nice & neat user interface, the customer can find the nearest store and direct in just a few clicks.

  • Multiple beautiful templates for your choice.
  • Show store locations with a nice & neat user interface
  • Showcase multiple stores in one single map with ease
  • Search stores with highest accuracy results
  • Search for stores easily in various ways
  • Search store location with Google Map suggestion
  • [HOT] Search by current location
  • Search the nearest store
  • Showcase store’s information in neat & clean layout
  • Show store direction
  • Get store’s details in 1 click
  • Display featured product in store’s detail
  • Design option: custom design for each store
  • Social networks integrated
  • Customize locator page
  • Import store locations by CSV/ Json file
  • Integrated image gallery extension
  • Optimized for SEO

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Magento 2 Layered Navigation

Are you looking for a fast, user-friendly navigation system which can allow your customers to browse your product catalog comfortably and impressively? Then, our new Layered Navigation Extension can satisfy you at the very first sight with its multiple filters, ajax load and user-friendly interface.

  • Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized
  • Fast Ajax Product Filter
  • Flexible Vertical & Horizontal Filter
  • Apply Multiple Filter At Once
  • Layered Navigation On Homepage and CMS Page
  • Select multiple values at the same time
  • Price Slider & Numeric Filter
  • Remove All Selected Options At Once
  • Filter Products By Stock Availability
  • 2 Ways To Apply for Filter support: No catalog reloads until all filters selected, Reload catalog after a filter is applied ( Coming Soon)
  • Filter Product By Brand 
  • Extra Filter: new product, sale product, special product
  • Filter products by star ratings
  • Fully compatible With Free Brand Extensions
  • Price in Radio and Checkbox
  • Multiple Languages and RTL Languages
  • Multiple Stores Supported

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Magento 2 Reward Points

“90% of all customers exchange their reward points during the checkout”. Have you offered reward points for your magento 2 stores? As you may know Reward Points is an effective marketing tool for you to engage shoppers and
turning old customers for new purchase over and over. Drive more sale and attract returning customers to your store.

  • Your visitors can be rewarded for multiple ways
  • [NEW] Earn Point by Refer to Friend
  • Earn points right after placing orders at your store
  • Spending points with ease: multiple ways supported
  • Track point’s balance, transaction, history in ” My account”
  • Add reward point for any specific product & multiple products
  • Freely Set Different Spending Point Rate & Earning Point Rate
  • Product based rule, cart-based rule, behavior-based rule, catalog based rule
  • Point transaction management
  • Set Max points earned or spent for each product
  • Refund By Points & Advanced Report 
  • Export Point Easily by CSV, Excel XML file
  • How To Spend Point & How To Earn Point Guide
  • Get Discount Code if Customer doesn’t have account yet
  • Send Notification Email & Auto Update Info If There are any changes.
  • Create orders for customers in backend using points
  • Point With Expiry & Set Duration for Point
  • You can hide price for the product

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Magento 2 Advanced Reports

This is the fastest reporting tool for the order-heavy stores. No matter how heavy your store is, our magento 2 advanced reports will help you to monitor your business with ease.

  • 28+ Report Types to explore sales over a period of time, break it down by category and product.
  • Comprehensive Sale Overview
  • Report drill down to explore data fast and easily
  • Advanced Report to trace your sales performance in a real-time mode
  • Visual graphs ( bar, pie, line..) to illustrate trends
  • Option to filter data for different dates and days
  • Provides with Google Analytics-like visualized sales data metrics and charts
  • Clear Backend Interface
  • Extraordinary Useful Magento 2 Reports
  • Multiple skins
  • Customize chart display
  • Equipped with a profit-calculating formula
  • Live support and documentation & video tutorials
  • 28+ Types REST API Discover Sales
  • REST API for Third Party Magento

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Magento 2 Help Desk Extension

Utilize ticket system, bring a powerful and flexible solution for Store Support! With Magento 2 Help Desk Extension, it helps you to collect all request, inquiries, offline chat messages, email in one place. All messages will be assigned to the proper department without leaking information.

  • Live Chat With Many Customer At Once
  • Fast & Smart Workflow To Minimize Time Wasted
  • Fully Responsive On Mobile, Tablet, Laptop & Desktop
  • Offer Multiple Ways For Customer To Get Support
  • Create Unlimited Departments, Agents and Categories
  • Clear User-friendly Interface
  • Easy To Create Ticket & Fast Submit
  • Solve urgent tickets first based on Priorities
  • Check Ticket Status, Quick Reply or Close a ticket
  • Autosave history and easy to Check ticket history
  • Satisfaction Star Rating
  • Quick Responses With Answer Shortcut
  • Ticket auto-expiration & Auto-reminder
  • Assigning tickets to the right manager or department fast
  • Spam Protection
  • Advanced reports
  • Set Permission For Each Department
  • Tailored for Multistore installations
  • Connect With Mailboxes

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Magento 2 Follow Up Email

Use trigger emails to engage and maintain your customer’s interest! Faster follow-ups will give you a better chance to nurture conversation and convert sales. Magento 2 Follow Up Email lets you send custom email based on customer activities. Use email marketing to increase conversion rate & drive more sales now.

You can send numerous emails based on customer activities, order status. For example, when customer change order status from pending to fail, the extension will inform them to reorder. Or after customer abandons their checkout on your site, you can send an email to give assistance. Besides, you can send email for customer birthday, abandon the cart, last customer login, customer subscribe to the newsletter, etc.

Secondly, instead of sending for individuals, by using magento 2 follow-up email you can send an email to many customers at the same time. For example, you can send a reminder email to customers who haven’t visit your site for a long time with the promotion.

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These extensions are often overlooked but have proven to be one of the most useful extensions that any Magento 2 store owner needs. As of this time, these are the best collection of Magento 2 extension available. We will expand this list once new extensions release. So, be sure to bookmark and check back on this post regularly to find out what new extensions have been released by the extensions development companies.

Yes! please do not forgot to add comments if you have list of other useful extensions. We will surely update this list based on your suggestions.

Enjoy Magento 2! Enjoy Magewallet!!



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