Make Your Website More Trustworthy Using ‘Product Inquiry’ Magento 2 Extension

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Make Your Website More Trustworthy Using ‘Product Inquiry’ Magento 2 Extension

Mostly customers have many questions or doubts about many products when they go for online shopping, and many customers do not prefer to purchase if they have any doubt or question regarding the product. Once customers satisfy from getting their questions’ answer and clear out the doubts about the product, they won’t hesitate to purchase the product.

Product Inquiry Magneto 2 Magento 2 Extension allows customers to make inquiry about a product directly from the product page. Using this extension customers/visitors can make inquiry for a particular product by filling an inquiry form. Display simple inquiry form in popup and save inquiry using ajax. Registered & Unregistered both customers can send the inquiry, If the customer is not registered than it will display “Guest Customer” in admin side.

Lets discuss some key features of this extension.

  • Easy to install & manage
  • Enable/disable from backend
  • Display inquiry form in particular product
  • List of inquiries in admin
  • Admin get the notification when inquiries are generated
  • Comes with responsive design

and many more!

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