Important Aspects That a Product Designing Tool Must Have

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Important Aspects That a Product Designing Tool Must Have

Having an idea is one thing and executing it into a full-fledged product is another. Moreover, we no longer live in the age of enabling production through heavy and complicated machinery. The intricacies in the products of today ask for cutting edge technology, effective processing and profitable returns. People involved in the business of printing are always on the lookout for an impeccable designer tool. This is because they want software which has the potential to offer the output that meets with their expectations.

And it’s not just about having a tool with high-end features. It is about obtaining a product that meets the standards set for accuracy and precision. So what are the important aspects that a designer tool must have? Let’s take a look at some of them:

Liberty to design

Some tools claim that they offer customization; but in a way, they limit the creators to choose out of the available designs, templates and colours. A real tool is the one that doesn’t make the designer feel trapped with their creative inputs. One should be able to choose a colour and design of one’s choice and it should be printable on the object they like.

Fabric colour

Fabric colour consideration is one of the most important aspects when it comes to printing. Regular ways of designing and printing do not work on certain coloured fabrics. For eg, if it is a black coloured pillow cover, it might not be possible to print light colours like pink and yellow as they will not be visible due to the fabric’s dark colour. In order to make this possible, the tool should be able to create a visible white base and print the needed design on the top of that base.

A 360 degree preview

After crafting a personalized design, one needs to have a good preview of it. 2D images can be viewed from front and back. But what about cylindrical objects like a water bottle or a mug? This is when a 360 preview is needed. To make this possible, the software should be able to rotate the product. While the product virtually rotates in front of you, you can check and view the design from all angles. Several tools have adapted 3D mock up viewing facility for the convenience of their clients.

Printing the precise

A perfect output is what everyone wishes for, always. No one likes to see the difference in shades, shape and design as it gives them a feeling of being coaxed. If you want to retain your client base, always make sure that the tool you provide for printing offers an accurate output. Sometimes, the end product lacks finishing as the edges of the clipart don’t look sharp when printed. This happens because the tool has failed to consider the basics.

Device responsiveness

Often ignored and very important, responsiveness of a tool on different devices is what makes it advanced. Creators should be able to weave their favourite designs on their tablets, mobiles, laptops as well as desktops without any glitches. If your designer studio is not mobile responsive, it might turn off the customers.

Print area and price considerations

Usually it is assumed that – larger the area of printing, more the cost of printing. But some printing tools fail to make precise calculations. Customizations happen at different stages and thus, the tool should be intelligent enough to calculate the price accordingly. Make sure that your product designing tool comes with this facility so that you never have to incur losses.

Ink consumption

There are heavy and light graphics that need to printed on the product. Some graphics need a lot of ink in order to get printed. Unfortunately, some tools do not consider the quantity of ink that goes after the printing of a product. This is because the money involved in spending on ink seems negligible. However, in a long run, it can cost you a lot of money. So the price of design should be directly proportional to the quantities of ink consumed.

Product designer tools and extensions are offered by a plenty of firms. However, you should know which company is good to strike a deal with. There are times when the online business owners buy a tool and end up regretting later. Conduct enough research before you zero on one of the tools. If you don’t want to disappoint your customers, choose the best tool in the market and it will definitely boost the revenues for your business.

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