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Free Magento 2 Extensions

With the release of the new Magento 2 version there also are a lot of new extensions that store owners need install in their stores. If you are one of the store owner of Magento 2 then this article will help you to find best free extensions for Magento 2.

All of the extensions are developed by experienced and certified Magento Developers, so they are tested and high quality. Let’s take a quick look at below features.

New Order Notification for Magento 2

New Order Notification for Magento 2 extension helps admin to start getting notifications regarding new order right away.

The whole idea behind the extension was to fulfill the request where you as a merchant wish to have your store personel instantly notified when customer places an order on your store.

Why should use New order admin notification

New order admin notification is a Magento 2 extension that allows you to receive emails notifying about new orders. No longer will you have to log in your sites to check new orders constantly.

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Awesome Blog

The Magefan Awesome Blog extension allows you to add a blog section to your online shop. You shouldn’t additionally install WordPress with this extension in order to have a blog. All blog data is stored in the Magento 2 database and can be managed directly via the Magento 2 admin panel.

Use the best SEO practices to enrich your store content with our blog module. Create and manage blog posts, categories, tags, authors, assign related posts and products fast and easily.

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EU Cookie Compliance

Cookies are tiny little text files which are downloaded from websites to the client’s device when they surf the web. These are used to store data about the users’ activity and can be read by websites during future requests to tailor the users experience and provide advanced functionality.

The HelloBrave EU Cookie Compliance extension for M2 offers a simple, clean and easy to use informed consent cookie notification bar for your Magento store. By using an informed consent cookie notification bar, you are informing users of your use of cookies and allowing them to cease use of the site if they so wish. This does not require users to accept cookie usage before they are downloaded to their device. As cookies are required by Magento for many of its operations, including session management, this method of compliance can be seen as seen as the easiest, best fit solution without effecting your stores operation.

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Advanced Shipping

Advanced Shipping for Magento 2 is the solution that helps you configure shipping fees in a very flexible manner.

With Advanced Shipping, you can set shipping fees by using almost all the variables available, such as destination, weight, price, quantity, categories, product attributes, item options, the customer group, customer attributes, coupon codes, Magento custom variables, date, etc…

Advanced Shipping uses a single text configuration field to define shipping methods. With a specific syntax (look at the documentation for more information on this syntax), you can define one or several shipping methods, their name, their price and the conditions to enable or not these shipping methods depending on the current quote. To specify the price of a shipping method, you must define a formula (it can be very simple as a single number or very complex with combinations of conditions).

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One Page Checkout

The One Page Checkout optimizes the checkout process for your Magento 2 store to be simple and responsive for users on any devices. By reducing the steps needed to submit an order, customers are more likely to complete the process and thereby increase your online profits and conversion rate. The checkout design has been optimized to show all steps needed to complete the order on the page for the customer.

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Magento 2 Infinite Scroll

Magento 2 Infinite scrolling makes shopping experience become more enjoyable and easily. It can automatically load products without interruption.

While scrolling down, customer can see which page the product are belong to. Thus, they can identify the product position easily.

If you want to let it automatically loading when customer scroll down. you just need 1 click to enable that function.

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Magento 2 Affiliate Extension

This is a perfect extension for you to create your affiliate program. As you may know, affiliate marketing is one of the most important marketing tools for selling online. It helps you to drive more sales from your affiliate channels and let your affiliate earn money. It is fully responsive, fast and easy for affiliate partners to join your program.

  • Multiple Affiliate Programs
  • Multi-level Marketing
  • Set Commission, Discount & Payout Requirements.
  • Easy to Set Condition & Requirements If Needed
  • Manage Banner & Links in 1 place
  • Payout Requirements
  • Transaction Management.
  • SET Withdrawal Limits
  • Manage partner’s account with ease
  • Pay Per Sale
  • Mass Payments
  • Support the most popular payment methods: Paypal, Skrill (coming soon)
  • Clear and Easy To Use

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Magento 2 Others Also Bought FREE

Replace the default Magento 2 Related Products block with automatically generated product list alternative. Provide shoppers with relevant recommendations based on customers purchase history.

– Show relevant products in the Related Product block
– Enable/ disable Cron Jobs to automatically collect and apply customers order data
– Manually apply shoppers order data

Even more, you can easily increase sales by implementing the smart ‘Related Products’ section. Many psychological research prove that people are more likely to purchase recommended items because they have already been approved by others.

Download Now Live Chat is a free live chat app which integrates seamlessly with Magento! More than 250000 companies use to provide real time support and service to their customers. Never lose another lead or sale again, with you can monitor and chat with your website visitors when they need it most. A free account is required.

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Magento 2 Search Autocomplete extension

Autocomplete search with as-you-type suggestions is an effective tool to facilitate the dialogue between a store owner and a customer.

Search Autocomplete extension for Magento 2 will predict customer’s query based on the characters they have entered. Thus, store visitors can save time, quickly get to the results they want, and even make purchases right from the search results pop-up.

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Magento 2 Social Login Extension

Magento 2 Social Login extension is designed for quick login to your Magento store without procesing complex register steps. Let say goodbye the complicated registration process and ignore a lot of unnecessarily required fields.

Magento 2 Social Login extension is simply and powerful tool to integrate your Magento customer account to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram channel. Logging in via the social medias is the great idea to enhance your customer’s satisfaction.

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Magento 2 Lazy Load

Our magento 2 lazy load extension not only optimizes magento 2 speed but also creates beautiful image transition. This extension also allows offloading for server that helps to save internet bandwidth.

Using Magento 2 lazy load, product images on your Magento site shall be loaded on demand. Hence, you can reduce load time significantly

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Promotions Manager

Simplify promotion management process with the expanded price rules grid. Now you can cut the time on promotion-related tasks by using additional actions and columns.

– See a rule type and a discount amount on the grid
– Instantly duplicate discount rules on the grid
– Enable, disable and delete shopping cart price rules
– Apply actions to multiple rules at once
– Apply top and low priorities to rules in one click

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As of this time, these are the best collection of Free Magento 2 extension available. We will expand this list once new extensions release. So, be sure to bookmark and check back on this post regularly to find out what new extensions have been released by the extensions development companies.

Yes! please do not forgot to add comments if you have list of other useful extensions. We will surely update this list based on your suggestions. Enjoy Magento 2! Enjoy Magewallet!!


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