Checklist before Opting a Web Hosting Company for your Magento Store

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Checklist before Opting a Web Hosting Company for your Magento Store

Choosing the right hosting platform is one of the most crucial steps while developing your first/next online store. In case you are creating your web store on Magento, then make sure you opt for the best and most reliable web hosting company.

Since the complexity of Magento’s internal structure is extremely high as it generates both the customer and online transaction handling process, it becomes vital to choose such a Magento hosting platform that can give you safe, secure and advanced features under the hood.

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While there are multiple factors to consider, most of the store owners focus on cost while selecting the hosting for their Magento eCommerce store. Being a Magento store owner, you have to look for different aspects including the cost, security capabilities, performance features, your specific requirements and a lot more.

Of course, low-cost hosting could leave you in a stressful situation, but you can’t overlook the other aspects while taking the final hosting decision.

Here, in this post, we’ll prepare a comprehensive checklist that will help you choose the best web hosting company for your Magento store.

Let’s get started!

1. Understand your specific business requirements

As a novice store owner, you should be aware of all your specific web business needs before selecting your hosting provider. No matter what type of business you have, just make sure you consider the three major aspects of this process, including:

  • Disk space,
  • Processing capability, and
  • Bandwidth

Most of the store owners set the average values for all these components and then suffer when the business suddenly scales up in terms of web traffic and other demands.

In order to avoid such situations, you should use the maximum values for disk space, processing capability, and bandwidth so that your hosting provider will be able to manage all the specific requirements of your e-store with ease.

2. Look for a Magento- specific hosting provider

After assessing your store’s specific needs and setting up the maximum values for the above three components, it’s the right time to look for a reliable hosting provider.

Since you have a Magento web store, make sure you choose a hosting company that specializes in serving Magento hosting. Such types of hosting companies are optimized for offering specific demands, infrastructure, inbuilt facilities, and structure to Magento based web stores.

They understand the unique requirements of Magento web stores and thus offer them customized services, without any chaos.

Tip: You can opt for Nexcess, which is specialized in Magento hosting. All the services and features offered by this hosting provider are particularly built Magento based web store.

3. Focus on selecting the right server(s)

Selection of the right server plays a key role when it comes to hosting a professional-looking Magento web store.

You should consider the different types of servers before making the final decision.

Below are the two most common types of servers to let you host a Magento based online store. Just make sure you choose the right server for your web business.

(a) Shared Servers

Under this type, multiple web stores share a single physical server at one place. This means the cost of shared hosting server would be reasonable for the beginners. While it is a reasonable solution, the disadvantage is that it comes with limited bandwidth and disk space that could result in downtime and also slow down the speed of your site.

(b) Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is an ideal solution for those who receives a huge volume of web traffic. Under this type, your Magento store hosts on a single hardware platform to let you boast all the benefits, performance capabilities and other dedicated resources.

However the cost of dedicated servers are comparatively high, but you will get unlimited bandwidth and disk space – which is an incredible feature for all the growing web store owners.

4. Opt for the best hosting type

Once you are done with the selection of the right web hosting server for your Magento store, you will need to choose the best type of hosting solution.

This is a crucial step as it is related to the daily management activities of your Management store. These management activities will keep your site up-to-date and secure from different security threats.

Since there are two different types of hosting solutions, so make sure you choose the right solution for your Magento store:

(a) Self-Managed Hosting

Self-Managed hosting is an ideal solution for those who love doing coding. It is a core solution for people who know the technical aspects of managing both the server hardware and software. Since it is a self-hosting solution, you will have a full control over the server.

This means you are responsive for all the updates, performance optimization, and security patches. You will need to consider each and every aspect while managing the server of your Magento store.

While this could be an ideal choice for professional developers and coders, beginners would find difficulties in managing and controlling their Magento web store.

(b) Managed Hosting

Instead of hosting your site on your own, this solution allows your hosting provider to manage the server of your Magento web store.

There are many hosting service providers offering the managed hosting solutions where all the key factors related to server management, such as regular updates, backups, security patches and a lot more are considered by them on your behalf.

You just need to focus on managing your web store and the rest of the technical aspects, hardware and software issues will be managed by your hosting provider.

5. Consider the security features

As an online store owner, you can’t overlook the security features while opting the best web hosting solution for your Magento store. You should choose a web hosting company that can offer you all the security related features to let you host your site, without any online threat.

They also guide you before you download the third-party themes and extensions within your store. This secures your store and protects it from suspicious elements and malicious code.

So, make sure you do a proper research related to the security aspects while choosing a web hosting provider for your e-store.

6. Robust Support

Always choose a web hosting provider that can offer you robust technical support whenever you needed. No matter how professionally stabilized you are, just make sure your provider takes care of all your issues related to server management, setting up Magento store, and other technical issues.


Choosing the best and most suitable web hosting solution for a Magento store is a serious job. You’ll need to consider different aspects, changing factors, business requirements, server types, hosting solutions, security and customer support before making the final decision.

With the help of this blog post, you will be able to choose the right web hosting company for your Magento store with ease. Just make sure you do a proper research, consider your business requirements and other elements before opting for a particular hosting solution.

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