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Magento has announced the general availability of the next generation open source digital commerce platform Magento 2.0. With latest technology and structure changes, Magento 2.0 version opens a new chapter in eCommerce. Magento 2.0 also offers enhanced performance and stability, advanced SEO, new features to boost conversion rates, business agility and productivity improvements.

Magento 2 | A New Era of Commerce Innovation

Magento 2 extension development is a core part of any Magento 2 development or Magento 2 project, because at any stage store owner may want to integrate their own functionality/module in existing Magento project. Magento 2 extensions provide a relatively quick and easy way to enhance online store with new features and abilities that would otherwise need to be coded by a developer.

Luckily, thanks to the hard work of thousands of devoted Magento 2 developers which make up the Magento community, almost any feature you can think of is now available for sale on the new Magento Marketplace. Magewallet is headed for Magento 2.0. and help store owners to find most useful Magento 2 extensions which cannot be ignored and must be used to make Magento an even better eCommerce platform for setting up any store.

Magewallet | Fully Loaded by Magento 2 Extensions, Themes & Solutions

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