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Magento Timeline

"We're committed to building upon the Magento platform enabling greater flexibility, performance and scalability to empower merchant growth." - Roy Rubin, co-founder,...
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Magento 2 – How to create a simple product programmatically using InstallData?

You can create simple product programmatically using InstallData by using the below InstallData script. [crayon-5a10aaed61cbf097638276/] Ref: Enjoy Magento 2!...
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Magento 2: How to compile specific theme using static content deploy command?

If you want to compile only theme (Package/Theme) with all that belongs to it, run the command: [crayon-5a10aaed628a0764789318/] If you want to compile the theme only .less files, run the command: [crayon-5a10aaed628af152346504/] To understand how it works and to see...
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Solved: Magento 2.x Component Manager Problem (Please wait loading)

Recently I installed Magento 2.1.3. The problem is that, when i am in the Component Maganer, and i Sync my account, it showns an infinite "please wait" loading, and i can't install any extension at all. After some research and searching I found one solution as below....
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How to update your Magento 2 version?

In this article, we will explain how to upgrade your Magento 2 version from 2.1.x for 2.1.5 using Command-Line Interface (CLI). Then upgrade your Magento 2 by following these steps: 1) Access Your Server via SSH 2) Navigate to the Magento 2 Root Directory 3) Upgrade...
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Pixtron Free Responsive Magento 2 Theme

Pixtron – A New Free Responsive Magento 2 Theme Is Here!

Pixtron is a free, responsive, clean and modern Magento 2 theme which will be a perfect match for your online store. The theme is easy for beginners and requires no programming skills to create a website – multiple options and elements will do that for you. Creative,...
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Completed the tasks that I needed to in record time! I would definitely Recommend for any web task.

Ryan Brown

Expert Web Developer Needed Full time

The project for the customer has been completed succesfully and we are starting a new project with Mahendra. I can definately recommend Mahendra to any one who wants to develop a Magento webshop on time without stress and on time.

Steven Morgan

Junior Magento developer wanted for full time work

Excellent work! Good understanding of the job! A sincere guy to work with. I am definitely going to hire Mahendra for my future projects.

Peter Mackay

Solve custom extension issue on Magento 1

Excellent work, good on time delivery and good understanding of what needs to be done. Pro active in pointing out potential problems and solving them before they happen.

Sean Watson

Junior Magento developer wanted for full time work

Mahendra did a great job and we are assigning him the next project. This is already the 12th project that we have done over a space of 6 months and its very profitable for us to work with Mahendra

Donna Hamilton

Magento 2.0 extension development

Great Experience! Communication was great which made it very easy to woek with Mahendra. Thank you!

John Hudson

Upgrade from Magento 2.1.2 to 2.1.3

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