In Magento 1.x, store owner can directly do reindex from Index management. But in Magento 2.x there is no direct options available for Reindex from backend.

As Magento 2.x provides reindex using command line. So lets discuss about how to do reindex using command line.

If you need to do whole index management in the Magento 2.x store, then you have to run the following command.

First go to magento root directory, then run below command to apply reindex to whole store.

But what if you want to reindex specific indexer. for that you will need list of the indexer name. You will get the list of indexer using below command.

In root directory run below command,

Now you have list of all the indexer available, so you can run command for specific indexer.

To run single reindex command,

here [indexer_name] means name of the indexer which you received from ‘indexer:info’ command.

If you have any trouble to connect with SSH panel Or If you want to do index management from admin then you can download below Free Magento 2 Extension.

HiddenTechies Index Management Magento 2 Extension

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