How to create Magento 2 widget

Magento has been the benchmark set amongst the e­-commerce frameworks available in the market. Magento Widgets are small Magento extensions with a predefined set of configuration options. Using them the store administrators can enrich the front-end blocks functionality. They provide great control and flexibility in creating informational and marketing content. Personally I see the widgets plus WYSIWYG implementation as a great boost to site owner friendly backend section. In this

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Magento 2 – How to load product by id

As you know there are so many alternate methods to get product details by given id in Magento 1.x. This code snippet will be very useful at many custom development with Magento. Lets check the code used in Magento 1.x.

List of some methods to get various product details like Short description, Name, Price and Product URL etc. Download Free New Order Notification Extension

Now lets see how

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